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I believe in making the world a happier place through creation and bringing people together. I enjoy transforming ideas into reality.

Lance Zaal



Lance was born in Glendora, California, in Los Angeles County, where he spent his first seven years. After his parents split at age 7, he took to the road with his mother who moved and spent the rest ... Read More


During his final year in high school, and less than a month after turning 17, Zaal enlisted in the Marine Corps on September 11th, 2001, upon witnessing the tragic attacks of that day. Lance chose to ... Read More


Lance applied to The College of William & Mary in 2006, weeks after returning from his third deployment in Iraq and attending summer school at the College. With poor grades from High School, he ha... Read More


In the final months of his studies at William and Mary, he was laid off from Mythics and found himself unemployed. While Zaal was confident he would quickly find meaningful employment elsewhere, for t... Read More


Defending Ukraine

I’ve proudly given time and resources to help Ukraine, founding Ghosts of Liberty in February 2022, and completing thr...

America’s Greatest Tragedy

 Growing up in Southern California, I didn’t see any Civil War statues or Confederate flags. I didn't underst...

The Story of Flory & Felix: The Holocaust & Resistance

For a few years in Middle School and High School, I worked a part-time job for a Synagogue, Temple Isaiah in Newport Bea...


Junket connects people and places around the world as they embark on digital themed adventures. Junket turns your phone into a tour guide or adventure game. Junket replaced iTourMobile as a rebranding and redesign, with new gamification features. In 2022, Junket grew to encompass a variety of in-person tour experiences including bar crawls, food tours, Instagram tours, and more.

King of Clubs was founded in May 2018 and makes the best coffee you’ll ever have, from freshly roasted wine and bourbon barrel-aged coffee, to cold brew. King of Clubs features a cocktail lounge and restaurant at the Premium Outlets, and a production facility where products are made, packaged, bottled, and distributed. The company serves a number of retail and restaurant partners.
In December 2021, Zaal made his exit from King of Clubs and donated the business to a local non-profit organization, which operates profitably today.

US Ghost Adventures is the leader in ghostly experiences in the travel and hospitality industry. The company focuses on storytelling delivered through ghost tours, haunted pub crawls, and overnight stays at some of America’s most haunted historic homes, like the Lizzie Borden House. The company operates in over 40 cities across the US.

Founded by entrepreneurs to help aspiring individuals form their business and reach their potential. Starting a business isn’t easy, which is why the Ignition Center provides free co-working space, education sessions, startup events, and more to aspiring entrepreneurs. Within the first six months of operation, seven of the Ignition Centers start-up companies generated more than half a million in revenue — illustrating the power of a community working together. In 2021, Lance made his exit from both Ignition and the Williamsburg area after five years to focus on his growing his business.

The first kombucha brewery in Virginia was sold in 2021.


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